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Where ELA teachers can explore & enjoy computer science, together. 
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ELA teachers already know computer science

Forget the hype: Computer science is really about logic and languages and creativity. That's ELA turf! 

Flexible support

When you enroll in our self-paced course, you also get ongoing support from the Plotting Plots team. 
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You are not alone

Our flagship course, "Much Ado About K-12 Computer Science" also comes with community forums where teachers can ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback from others. Including the Plotting Plots team. 

Our Inaugural Course

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Do ELA teachers need prior experience with computer science? 

Nope. All you need is a love of ELA and a curiosity about computer science. That's it. You will learn how specific concepts and practices from computer science can actually deepen and expand existing ELA practice. 

Will I get to engage with other human beings in this course? 

Yes. All courses include opportunities to engage socially via discussion forums. The forum is moderated by Dr. Lynch and members of the Plotting Plots team. No bots here!

What are the learning objectives for this course? 

Our "Much Ado" course has 9 learning objectives (LO):
  • LO1: Learners will reflect on what brought them to the profession, and why teaching ELA matters so much. 
  • LO2: Learners will explore why STEM (including computer science) and the humanities are presented as distinct, at the expense of interdisciplinarity.
  • LO3: Learners will explain key digital humanities (DH) concepts and methods, including distant reading, macroanalysis, and algorithmic criticism.
  • LO4: Learners will identify core characteristics that comprise ELA instruction today, including New Critical and Readers Response principles.
  • LO5: Learners will uncover how computationality already operates in ELA classrooms.
  • LO6: Learners will indicate core characteristics that comprise K-12 CS instruction today.
  • LO7: Learners will observe practical examples of how computational concepts can deepen ELA practices.
  • LO8: Learners will observe how computational practices like text mining and coding can deepen students’ experiences reading and writing. 
  • LO9: Learners will create individual personal learning plans to support implementing CS concepts and/or practices in their ELA classroom.

How do I purchase bulk licenses for lots of teachers in my school/district?

Schools and districts may purchase bulk licenses to the "Much Ado" course and distribute them to teachers. To do so, please contact hi@plottingplots.com.
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