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ELA, meet CS. 
CS, meet ELA. 

You both love plots. You both love characters. You both have so much to learn from each other. Now, let's get acquainted. 
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The Prologue to our "Much Ado About K-12 CS" course. Learn more
A List

6 Reasons CS Belongs in ELA


STEM is Too Narrow

Despite its name, CS is about much more than computers and the sciences


ELA is Computational

Page numbers, meter, rhyme, plot development...just to name a few


Literary Data is Dope

We don't refer to data very much, but that's what all those words are... 


Digital = Language

Every digital product is powered by software, which is made up of languages


Coding = Writing

Yup. Think about it: Coding is just writing, but for the computer as an audience


To Compute is Human

Tallying, observations, and spotting patterns in the world isn't "STEM"--it's humanistic
A Humanistic Case for K-12 CS, featured in "HELLO WORLD"

We must learn to see the lives behind the data

Over the last year, our screens have been awash with data: of the spread of Covid-19, the number of hospitalisations and fatalities, and line charts predicting regional trends. Computationality undergirds such reporting, yet to limit our understanding of digital data to the world of STEM, as we so often do in school-age education, is inadequate. In the coming months and years, as schools cautiously emerge from the pandemic, I argue that we should rekindle and reimagine school-age computer science initiatives.  READ MORE >>
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A 3 Hour Crash Course in CS for ELA teachers? Yup.